Physician ripoff my good friend is over FB searching for a fantastic guy as of yet. She is friended

My buddy is perhaps all over FB searching for an enjoyable people currently. She was actually friended on FB by a Dr Eric Griffins. She thinks he or she is genuine but im here to show he is a fake. His FB webpage looks good, therefore does their pictures, but It’s my opinion a scammer is utilizing this physicians profile. They chatted for several period, today he could be seeking funds to head to the girl to set up a leave request from inside the number of $1050.00.

She has taken him really because he’s got advised people they are a coupe, she says if he is a scammer he would have actually spoke with other people to obtain their cash in addition. Be sure to establish the woman wrong before she delivers your money. They are Dr Eric Griffins. In Syria. Set accepted through NATO. Hometown Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. In Syria with Secret-service Goal.

We very first believed he had been in with medical practioners without Boarders. Basically are wrong relating to this guy We owe this lady an apology but Really don’t envision i will be.

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Are people speaking with Dr. John Pamo just who claims to end up being from lengthy coastline, CA, and an orthopedic surgeon employed in Yemen? I can not get a hold of a Dr.’s list for your everywhere.

Is people speaking with Dr. Donald Lawrence? A liar right away. Are unable to bring any money. Basically certainly adored him I would send your the cash. The guy wishes me to be their wife and then he will fly right here when he is carried out however they are updating their agreement.

A differnt one to take into consideration. Physician Thomas Quest, ORthopaedic physician with NATO in Yemen.

I have been related with a guy whom claims to getting an orthopedic medical practitioner in Aleppo, Syria with medical doctors without Borders. He goes by title of John Williams. The guy initially stated on a single of my personal Twitter blogs, as soon as we responded him, the guy asked us to change-over to Hangouts.

I knew at once it had been a fraud, so I continuous just to get more information. Within a short time he had been deeply in love with me. Planning to arrive at the united states and marry me personally. The guy said he’d absolutely no way to access their bank-account, and gave me title and email of his attorneys, which was a gmail acct, who subsequently mentioned I got to cover $4,850.00 for their documents for leave.

When I interrogate your about his cash and advised him I experienced none, the guy mentioned his attorneys could arrange for us to have the cash thru a transfer, even so they wished anastasia dating site my personal bank information.

Without a doubt i did not let them have can informed them to wire money via west Union. For this they wished me to deliver them a duplicate for the back and front of my personal ID. He mentioned he had been from Ireland and delivered an image of his “home” there. The yard with a pool and “palm woods”.

We scarcely imagine you can find palm woods in Ireland. He in addition sent photographs of their little ones, which I believe aren’t his. The guy called as soon as, and never an indication of an Irish highlight. I checked his Twitter account and he is following around 57 girls. So are there much more sufferers out there.

We have reported him to Twitter, Bing, FBI. Hope they nab they. Just be mindful girls!

I am contacted by a lady claiming is an orthopedic doctor in Syria the UN. I am smart to this stuff and so I tried softly.

I have already discovered she stole another doctors visibility and pics.

OMG (Oh My Personal Benefits). I’M JUST TRYING to show you that the SITUATION with Eric Griffins are the same as how it happened to me. IDENTICAL. It’s taken place to people. Similar circumstances.

Eric Griffins could be another type of identity nevertheless circumstances is similar. The names changes, however the CON is the same.

Should your buddy believes therefore highly inside so-called Dr. Eric Griffins then determine their to go for they! She’ll see with time the truth regarding the matter.we just desired to express my personal RIPOFF with other people to avoid it from taking place to them. Whew. So is this so hard to know?

We too had to connect with the UN holiday workplace to inquire about for an allow consult. After saying the guy treasured me personally so so a lot he would point out that we had been married. When I allegedly composed on the UN getaway Office I’d to inform them that I was their partner and this there seemed to be an emergency in the home. now, i am aware since the page ended up being most likely taken to HIM as well as the saddest element of this entire thing usually I really considered it was not true but I was thinking that I liked him and wouldn’t feel ME.

NOW HOW PATHETIC IS THAT. I desired to trust HIM rather than MY PERSONAL INTUITION. PATHETIC, certainly. Damn myself. “medical practitioner FRAUD, be sure to see A GRIP and like yourself, there can be some body available to choose from individually and good individual and never a person who will ask you for the money.

This case is really so like mine. PLEASE LISTEN don’t allow these folks try this to united states great type good people. You shouldn’t TAKE ACTION “Medical Practitioner Swindle” prey.

BE FAMILIAR WITH “DOCTOR CON” Tell her that it is a SCAM as that is what happened to me. PLEASE CANNOT GIVE HARDLY ANY MONEY. Determine her not to ever getting so desperate!IT’S A SCAM. Exactly what a lot more could I state! She is perhaps not deaf-dumb and blind is she? ITS A FRAUD as well as he desires could be the funds.

Personally it was iTune cards to install his files following $5000 for a move from UN where he had been a orthopedic surgeon immediately after which the guy requested $12,000 dollars the airplanes fare. He’ll inquire to either send they by Western Union otherwise wire it using your financial. While I went to west Union, they realized RIGHT AWAY that it was a fraud and wouldn’t submit the income for me personally.

extremely DUMMY me personally went to my personal financial and sent it to a bank account in SMYRNA, GA. IT REALLY IS A FRAUD.

KINDLY KINDLY LISTEN as it’s a fraud and tell him to send YOU the revenue and discover what takes place. COME-ON and GIVE CONSIDERATION.

Hi. I agree with you. They are a scammer definitely. Wherein industry a physician will query money from a woman?

In a key mision? Kindly. Determine her to check the details in the page Swindle Haters joined, in which their label appears as among known scamers.

This men and women are burglars and want getting ended. We have to avoid girls because of these scumbags.

Within his visibility and tale were warning flags all over.

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