I didn’t try for any hookup, I happened to be depressed and visited read my date to cool down – UNICROSS scholar, Priscilla Ojong speaks (video)

Priscilla Ojong, the University of Cross River college student who had been stated missing period before, features again stated in the conflict nearby the lady “disappearance”.

In an Instalive program she have, Priscilla disclosed that she shared with her roommate about in which she was going to.

She nonetheless said that she could not reach people because their cellphone had been bad. The beginner additionally declined state of getting for a “hookup”.

Enjoy the movie below.

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So your boyfriend is a PASTOR abi. he is a DOOCTOR? Issokay, We sha wish you used prevention..

. sperm don combine together with her head she’s in condition of incoherence. ??

Date that cannot purchase you telephone but could use your system to eliminate agro, usually one sweetheart? Ode female!

Priscilla Ojong did a massive harm to those who are honestly lost. Stupid bitch.

Ultimately even though na hookup,no one cares,live yourself the manner in which you need cos anyone judging the woman is worst than her!

Like l said previously. you may be a useless youngster. with a lot more worthless mothers. as you men have really made it harder for the next household who’ll address the police to take into consideration their own relative exactly who truly has been kidnapped!

Which means that your sweetheart cannot provide a phone. Picture! Several of these young ladies are gullible and unaware of the fact that they truly are over the chronilogical age of liability and cannot heap blame on anyone whenever scenario took place. Are you able to look at the gibberish she is stating this woman is depressed so she visited the lady boyfriend’s destination to cool down. Really don’t believe this female must be offered any kind of assistance because she does not have convinced professors are guilt. I realized that the girl household understood the woman whereabouts this is exactly why they certainly were not troubled whenever the unsuspecting family happened to be busy protesting. From all sign, I think she’s chasing clout along with her whereabouts was preplanned by their relatives and family. She is cautious and prevent chasing after reputation because there is huge problem bothering all of us. Idiot!

And you would never use your boyfriend cell to contact your own mother to share with all of them regarding the whereabouts in addition your boyfriend ought to be silly to permit you dress yourself in this type of a fashion to deal with the public within real time chat you both become drug addicts and stupid

This lady feels like she is in big trouble and pushed. Making use of temperature on why can not she utilize their bf’s cellphone to phone? How comen’t she back along with her parent and company? Abeg she has to be tracked before we discover any unattractive reports. God assist the girl

When you tend to be depressed, your boyfriend’s home is the place going. Stupid olosho, the foolish lady was released after becoming a sex servant for 2 months. 2 weeks of bang, no wages.

She is expecting and afraid of time for her group to face them.

Wtf do pastor have to do with despair? is not it friends you’d choose? Yup! I hate Nigerians.

The boy friend that will increase the amount of anxiety towards life, In my opinion marrying ladies off at 20 is not an awful idea, merely few have actually functioning mind, the rest will only deliver pity the further these are typically unmarried.

This woman is in hazard.

Some lady the help of its fish mind. na precisely why people question dey tire me personally. no be all ones see feeling

What’s the difference between an awesome off and a hookup; all with a boyfriend?


Basically u visited cool-down with an excellent penis

So the prick couldn’t let you answer phone calls. the man you’re seeing need to be good. between the sheets.

Quit the web misuse. It is all right. Move the fuck on

What a girl. You have got disgraced your parents. Worthless do not understand the massive issue for the welfare.Goat

Seriously ooo. I am not sure her from anywhere. I don’t even comprehend d road to Delta bt I was stressed lyk angry. Nd was even praying on her safe return cos of wats happenin in da kwantry.

This crap takes place overseas any time. it is only Nigerians you’d hear stating harmful crap as if you’ve betrayed your parents to a 22 year-old individual. Shame on everyone shameless self-righteous, low sinning bangs

Just imagine this female. She moved for nice energy together with her bf and remaining folks worried. The nation isn’t safer so people should figure out how to view their own movements.

I mentioned that she gone for d**k.Omokomo (wayward youngsters)

You’re most dumb. Junk lady

Oh now you men and women are insulting her. While I said they ought ton’t waste their own opportunity protesting for girl that went along to chill with man, everybody insulted myself. Hope you guys can see exactly how senseless and dumb you were to really think she is missing out on from then on videos she produced

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