Until the other day’s denunciations, this was basically a giddy month of gays.

The President that is against homosexual marriages could would with a ‘straight chap’ transformation, writes Maureen Dowd.

Let’s have it straight. The chairman while the Pope are not driving the latest homosexual revolution. “i really believe a wedding was between a man and a woman,” mentioned George Bush last week. “And I believe we should codify any particular one ways or the more. And in addition we’ve got attorneys studying the proper way to accomplish this.” Attempting to put a tolerant mention to an intolerant rules, he said he had been “mindful that people’re all sinners”.

Finally opportunity I inspected, we had separation of chapel and county, therefore I have no idea why the President are speaking about sin, or the reason why he or she is implying that gays who would like to making a permanent willpower in some sort of stuffed with splitting up and loneliness is sinners.

If we heed plant’s logic, shouldn’t we now have a one-strike-and-you’re-out constitutional modification: no relationship for gays, but no next relationship for straights just who confirm they aren’t to it?

The Vatican, constantly desperate to eliminate contours between church and county, warned Catholic lawmakers it would be “gravely immoral” to vote for gay matrimony or gay use – tinny preaching after revelations about homosexuality when you look at the priesthood.

Very first the Great Courtroom blessing. Subsequently Hollywood’s raft of gay-themed jobs, from J.Lo’s lesbian submit Gigli on the BravoTV truth reveals, Boy Meets kid and Queer attention for all the right Guy.

Queer vision, a makeover hit, regarding the cover of activities Weekly, features five homosexual dudes

Perhaps we should shame plant, stuck inside the 1950s world of hypermasculinity as his nation goes gay and metrosexual (straight males with femme tastes, such facials). Also the uptight Wal-Mart shop need widened antidiscrimination coverage to safeguard gay staff members, and Bride’s magazine is offering their first ability on same-sex weddings.

Possibly the chairman with his swaggering group should look into a Queer vision transformation. I inquired a gay political reporter pal if the guy could possibly offer suggestions:

Throughout the Vice-President: “I’d want to read Dick Cheney with a pierced ear and a diamond stud. Or in a body-hugging black colored T-shirt, only for the pure athletics of it. [And] the guy needs brand new eyewear. About his tresses, all i will provide is actually my sincere regrets.”

When it stumbled on the President’s possibility, he had gotten actually excited: “Cowboy shoes are great for a certain sort of saucy backyard barbeque. But wearing them as often while he really does, with those larger buckle buckles in the form of Colorado, it appears as though he’s trying too much to prove his masculinity.

“His hair is as well tightly clipped. It appears finished on. And then he’s a large squinter. The part of their sight are starting to check layered. Botox alert! He should drop inside merciful arena of cosmetic services avail themselves of some kind of lip balm or gloss that assists mask the truth that he missing his lip area somewhere.

In open-collar t-shirts, he’s got a tiny small island of lost torso tresses

“the rest about your just shouts ‘butch, butch, butch!’ But to put plant a metrosexual bone, once you see him taking walks off environment Force One thereupon furball Barney under his sugar daddy in US arm, that canine puff of atmosphere that a lot of drag queens wouldn’t getting caught dead with, it’s like he is halfway to a Chanel rabbit fur purse.

“plant does these good work of seeming blissfully relaxed and vacantly bubbly that he might as well go blonde. It could advice about California’s electoral ballots, too.”

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